Supersorb is a special formulation of enzymes combined with special fat absorbing ingredients

Supersorb is a plant type chitin from mushroom extracts which is widely used for weight loss and metabolic syndrome.

This low molecular weight enzymes extracts is found to be effective in the absorption of oil in digested food. Supersorb is also a source of of lipase which works to break down fats and make fatty acids and glycerin that can be used as a source of muscle energy. The formulation also helps to lower cholesterol levels and prevents fatty liver.

One sachet of supersorb everyday is a rich source of fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber. Both are important for health, digestion and preventing diseases.

Taken 15-20 minutes before meal, SUPERSORB absorbs ingested fat and stops it from been metabolized by your body. It has No allergies, No side effects.

Make it a habit to take one packet before meals and get to enjoy your daily cravings without the burden.

Recommended Usage:

Take 2 sachets every day, before meals. Morning and evening, brewed in 300 ml water. Stir well before drinking.


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